Tulsa Rocketry hosts a couple of special events each year.

In October of each year we host an event called RocketScience.  This event gives area teachers the opportunity to challenge their students to create a small payload of some kind and then have us launch it.  Our carrier rocket has the capability to hold 12 small payload canisters.  Check out the RocketScience page for details.

Our other special event is High Frontier.  It is a regional launch held at the end of September each year at the Pawhuska Municipal Airport.  We get fliers from all over the area to fly their high power rockets at this event.  We also encourage area kids to come out and fly their rockets.  One of the highlights for the kids is our rocket kit give away where we give away many rocket kits to kids in attendance.  Check out the High Frontier page.

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  1. H motors require TRA or NAR Level 1 certification to launch. To fly F and G motors, you don’t need certification. I think you have to be 18 or older to fly them (or be part of a mentoring program if you’re under 18), but don’t quote me on that. Oh, and if you’re 18 or older, you must be a member of TRA or NAR to fly at Tulsa Rocketry launches.

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