Tulsa Rocketry is dedicated to the promotion and safe pursuit of hobby rocketry in all its forms. We encourage all interested people to enjoy the sport and hobby of rocketry.

Tulsa Rocketry is the local prefecture of the Tripoli Rocketry Association. This gives us our other name of Tripoli Tulsa. At one time we were also a NAR Section. We are no longer, but that could change in the future.

We have monthly meetings where we discuss construction, materials, techniques and other interesting things related to rocketry. We also have a monthly rocket launches. Probably the best part of Tulsa Rocketry is sharing your experiences with other rocket enthusiasts that have the same interests as you. By learning from each other we all grow.

We conduct all our launches in accordance with the Rocketry Safety Code which has allowed millions of flights without any serious injuries.

Tulsa Rocketry also supports other youth activities through education. Tulsa Rocketry will present demonstration launches and/or static displays for youth groups, nonprofit organizations, holidays, special events, etc. Please use the following email to contact us: trprefect@gmail.com

In the past we have assisted several schools in the AIA/NAR Team America Rocketry Challenge, which is a national competition for middle and high school students. We also have done many presentations and demo launches for area schools and youth organizations. We firmly believe in paying forward.

Membership and its Benefits

Membership is open to anyone ages 14 and up. Membership in Tripoli and/or NAR is encouraged but not required.

Annual Tulsa Rocketry membership dues are $15.00. Membership is due at the time of sign up and in January of each year thereafter.

Some of the benefits that Tulsa Rocketry members enjoy are:

  • The use of our large, safe launch site free from obstructions and with proper waivers in place from the FAA and other entities.
  • Use of the club’s launch facilities and equipment.
  • Members may also get involved in club sponsored projects that occur at various times.
  • Promoting the hobby we all love, in a safe and organized manner, generating positive exposure.
  • The satisfaction of working with the community and youth organizations, introducing model rocketry to kids, who may not have any other opportunity to build and fly rockets.
  • As a Tulsa Rocketry and Tripoli member, you are eligible for Tripoli sanctioned events including experimental launches and possible record-setting events.
  • As a Tulsa Rocketry and NAR member, you are eligible for NAR sanctioned competitions, and possible record-setting events.
  • $5.00 launch fee rather than the normal $10.00 fee at our sport launches. Plus the opportunity to purchase an annual launch pass for $25.00.

See the membership page for further details on joining.

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