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Launch Information: Our next launch is scheduled for March 12, 2017 from 1 to 5 PM at the Leonard launch site. You can find our entire launch schedule and more information on the Launches page.

Meeting Information: Our next club meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 16, 2017 at 7:00 pm.  We will meet at the Hardesty Regional Library, located at 8316 E 93rd St in Tulsa. Google maps link here. We will be discussing all things rockets so make sure to bring any show and tell you would like to share with the group


November 2016 Launch Recap

Good Afternoon,

Sunday turned out to be a really nice day once the wind died down around 1 PM. It was a great way to finish out the flying season. There were a total of 46 flights with 9 of them being high power. The breakdown was 4 A, 4 B, 10 C, 11 D, 1 E, 3 F, 4 G, 5 H, and 4 I.

I’d like to congratulate John Elder for getting his level 1 certification.

We held the Big Daddy drag race and had 4 contestants. Tyler Chouinard won the race and took home a nice trophy and bragging rights for the year.

Notable flights of the day included
John Elder with his Loc Athena on an I165
Hal Ellis flying his scratch built Eagle on an I284
Charles Rine with a Mad Cow Flying Pumpkin on an I245G
Paul Reed flying a Wildman Gizmo on an I287

This Thursday, November 17 at 7 PM will be out last monthly meeting of the year at the Hardesty Regional Library in Tulsa. We will be accepting nominations for the board of directors, finishing out our business for the year, and having our normal rocket talk and show and tell.

Requirements for the board are being a member since January 1, 2016 and a willingness to serve. Directors are expected to attend most of the monthly meetings. If you cannot make the meeting and wish to be nominated, e-mail me and I will put your name in for consideration. There are 5 board seats and directors are elected by a vote of current members. We will be sending out ballots in late November or early December.

On Friday, November 18, we will be putting on a presentation for the Asbury Methodist home school group at 8 AM. Let me know if you can stop by and help out.

Have a great day.


October 2016 Launch Recap

Good Afternoon,

Sunday turned out to be a great day for flying with low winds, mild temperatures, and high clouds to cut out some of the sun. We put up a total of 53 flights with 14 of those being high power. The breakdown is 17 B, 9 C, 2 D, 3 E, 8 G, 6 H, 3 I, 3 J, and 2 K’s.

Notable flights included:

Andrew Lathrop flying his Dominator 4 on a K1100
Brien Wood and his scratch Saber on a J1520 Vmax
Charles Rine with a Warlock on a J350
Lucas Utley flying a rocket called Mach Wave on a H250
Mark Chouinard and his Super DX3 on a H125

I’d like to congratulate Lucas Utley and Mark Chouinard for getting their level 1 certifications and Charles Rine for getting his level 2 certification.

This was also our annual RocketScience flight. We had 16 payload canisters and the kids got to sign the new section airframe that we built this year. Our first attempt to light the rocket didn’t work and after installing a new igniter we got the motor lit. Unfortunately, the motor blew up a few hundred feet off of the ground. Pieces of the airframe and a flaming payload section came raining back down to the ground. We got the fire put out and picked up the pieces. Upon further examination, there was a bulge at the top of the motor case that caused the forward closure to let go. The case had been flown many times and looks like it finally had enough.

Some of the rocket survived, but the whole booster was destroyed. We’ll be working on a plan on where to go from here. Good thing we have a bunch of people that like to build rockets.

Next up is our monthly meeting on October 20 at 7 PM in the Hardesty Regional library.

We have a launch scheduled for November 12.

Our final meeting of the year will be on November 17. At this meeting we will be accepting nominations for the board of directors for next year. If you are interested on serving, you can nominate yourself. The requirements for serving on the board are you must have been a member on January 1, 2016 and you need to be able to come to most of the monthly meetings because that is when the board conducts business. We will be mailing out ballot forms with the nominations in December. Ballots will be counted at the annual members meeting in January.

That’s all for now. Have a great day.


High Frontier 13 Review

We went into High Frontier expecting the weather to be challenging. The forecast for Sunday turned out to be right, but the forecast for Saturday was not and we had a good day even if it was windy at times. We had a good crowd despite the forecast and I think the story that the News on 6 did about High Frontier helped get people to come out. The story is still up on their website so go on over and check it out.

We had 29 adult flyers and 49 kids put up a total of 152 flights on Saturday with 27 of them being high power. The breakdown is 33 A, 48 B, 30 C, 5 D, 3 E, 1 F, 5 G, 6 H, 12, I, 5 J, 3 K, and 1 M. Not bad for one day.

We held the drag races on Saturday morning. Paul Reed won the CTI Warlock class and Mark Piersall won the Aerotech Warlock class. Randy Luhmen took the Aerotech Minie Magg race and Torre Bookout won the CTI Minie Magg race. The only real race was in the Aerotech Minie Magg class with the others having only a single entry. Sometimes it pays just to show up.

The closest to the buffalo contest was a real challenge this year with the wind. We had two kids actually hit the Buffalo. Unfortunately only one kid was still around when we handed out prize money.

We ended up cancelling the Big Daddy drag race and the night launch due to the weather and we didn’t fly at all on Sunday. The Big Daddy drag race will be held at our October 9 launch in Leonard so you still have an opportunity to go home with a trophy.

Four people got their level 1 certification at the event. Congratulations to Jim Danforth, Jason Warner, Will Spaeth, and Alexander Speed.

We had several flights worth mentioning:

Brien Wood with his 2 stage Jack of Diamonds on an I 305 to an I224
Dwayne Shmel and his Terminator on a K375
Hal Ellis flying Wolverine on a K940
Andrew Lathrop with Miss Rielly on an M1297

Best in show goes to Jason Warner with his rocket called Woody. I’ve never seen a rocket covered in wood veneer before and his looked like he carved it out of a tree. Very cool!

If you have any suggestions for things we could have done better at High Frontier or you would like to see changed, please e-mail them to me.

Just a couple of reminders on upcoming events. This Thursday will be another special work session starting at 6 PM at Hal Ellis’s house to get the RocketScience rocket ready for the other upcoming event which is the RocketScience launch on October 9.

Have a great day.


Club Update 9-21-16

As a reminder, we will be having special work sessions on Thursdays at 6 PM for the next 3 weeks in order to complete work on the RocketScience rocket. If you have a chance, please stop by Hal Ellis’s house and lend a hand. We need to have this done in 3 weeks for our RocketScience launch on October 9. The first one is this Thursday, September 22.

On Friday, September 23 we will be setting up the range in Pawhuska. We will be meeting at Bad Brads for lunch at noon as always. Setup starts at 1 PM and we will open the waiver after setup is done until 5 PM for everyone who helped. KOTV channel 6 will be there to interview us and film a few rocket launches for that nights news. The more people that help setup, the sooner we can start flying. Who knows, you might even end up on TV.

One last note, depending on whose weather forecast you look at it will either be be horrible or a reasonably good weekend. The event will still go on either way, we just may be waiting around for the rain to stop and conditions to improve enough for us to fly. You never know how it will turn out.

Hope to see you Thursday or this weekend.


September Meeting Recap

Good Morning,

High Frontier is a week away and a significant part of the meeting was finishing up our planning. Online registration has been closed and we had 24 people registered. We also have our T-Shirt order in and they look great. Thanks to Glen Thomason for taking care of this and Randy Luhmen for the awesome artwork. We went over our planning list and everything is crossed off or under way so we’re looking good.

We do have some range duty positions open. If you can, please help me fill them.


1 – 3 High Power Pad Manager
3 – 5 Low Power Pad Manager
3 – 5 Registration Lead
3 – 5 Registration Assistant


3 – 5 High Power Pad Manager
11 – 1 Low Power Pad Manager
3 – 5 Low Power Pad Manager
11 – 1 Registration Lead
3 – 5 Registration Assistant

We also had a discussion about range layout. We will be moving the high power pads further to the north and south so we can have people rack rockets while we are launching from the low power pads. We have worked out the positions of the pads so we maintain safe distances. I will get with the pad managers and LCO to make sure everyone understands how this will work.

We spent some time talking about RocketScience which is only 3 weeks away. The RocketScience rocket has not been completely rebuilt and we are running out of time to have it ready. For the next 3 weeks we will be having special work sessions on Thursdays starting at 6 PM at Hal Ellis’s house. When we end depends on what we have to do and how many people show up. The first one of these will be September 22 at 6 PM. Please stop by and help because we need to finish this before October 9. We also decided to leave the new air frame section primed only and have students sign the rocket. This should be fun for the students and saves us some work.

As I noted in a prior update, the second stage of the Nike-ASP did not light which leaves us with an M650 motor. We decided to bag the motor and store it so we can take it back to Argonia next year for another try. We will need to come up with a new first stage motor. Our other option was to fly it at Pawhuska, but we didn’t feel comfortable with doing that.

The last item we talked about was the online store. It has stopped working and we will be looking at our alternatives to reviving it.

Thats all for now. Hope to see you at Pawhuska in a week


************I missed one thing in my meeting recap. Andrew Lathrop was recently written up (in a good way) in the Bartlesville newspaper. You can find the article at Flying high | Rocketeers take to the Osage County skies Sept. 24-25. This was good press not only for Andrew, but Tulsa Rocketry as well. Andrew will be celebrating his new fame and doing autographs at High Frontier. 😉

Club Update 9/8/16

This Saturday, September 10, will be our annual get ready for High Frontier work session from 2 to 5 PM at Hal Ellis’s house. We will be unloading both trailers, inspecting, cleaning, and repairing as necessary in order to get ready for High Frontier in a little over 2 weeks from now. The more hands we have doing the work, the easier the job will be. Let me know if you need directions.

We launched the Nike-ASP project on the first day of Airfest in the morning from the 88 pad. The launch was perfect and the separation of the ASP was just as expected. What didn’t happen was the motor in the ASP lighting. The Nike went to about 3000 ft and the ASP a little higher. Both were successfully recovered with no damage. When recovering the ASP, we went back by the pad and discovered that the VMax motor had dug a 2 ft deep crater under the launcher. A subsequent analysis of the M650 motor in the ASP showed that the igniter fired, but just wasn’t enough to light the motor.
I would like to congratulate Dwayne Shmel on getting his L3 certification. Dwayne is in the process of selling smaller rockets to make room for bigger ones.
There were several other Tulsa Rocketry members at Airfest and the weather on Friday was the best I’ve experienced in the 5 years I’ve been going. Saturday was pretty good as well, but by Sunday the winds had come up. Great event overall.
The next scheduled meeting is on Thursday, September 15 at 7 PM at the Hardesty Regional Library in Tulsa. We will complete our preparations for High Frontier which is September 24 and 25 in Pawhuska.

Hope to see you soon.


August 2016 Meeting Recap

We had another full meeting last night and covered a lot. First up was a review of our calendar of events.

On Monday, August 22 we will be doing a presentations and demonstration launch for the Broken Arrow 4-H club at 7 PM. The club is located about halfway between 129th and 145th on 81st street. Look for the 4-H logo on a white building on the south side of the street. The event will include a presentation, question and answer session and then a demonstration launch in the field to the west of their club house. Stop by if you have some time or a small rocket you would like to demonstrate.

On Wednesday, August 24 we will be meeting at Hobbytown at 71st and Memorial to take down our rockets before they move. They will be closing for a week at the end of August while they move to a new location a few blocks north on Memorial. Their new location will be in the shopping area near Red Lobster on memorial.

We will have an exhibit at the Maker Faire on August 27 at Expo Square’s Central Park Hall from 10 AM to 5 PM. We will have the full Nike-ASP on display along with rockets built by our members and other rocketry related stuff. If you have a rocket that you want to show off, please stop by and join us. We need to staff this for the whole event, so stop by and help us out.

Airfest is September 2 through 5 at Argonia, KS. We will be launching our Nike-ASP project on the first opportunity that the weather permits. If you are planning on coming up, please let me know and we’ll try to save you a spot with our group.

September 10 is the big High Frontier work session at Hal Ellis’s house. Please put this on your calendar as we need everyone’s help to get ready. If you’ve never been to his house, let me know and I’ll get you directions.

Finally, High Frontier is September 24 and 25 and we continued our planning for the event.

Hal Ellis and myself visited the Chamber of Commerce in Pawhuska and met with the city manager out at the airport. Please take a minute and look at You will find a spot on their new website highlighting our event and it is a really slick site as well. We are working on filling out the information, but this was a real surprise for us. They are helping us promote the event and get the word out as well.

We also went to the airport, located all of the fence post holes and marked out extensions for the main fence line and the fence for the low power pads. The city will get us holes dug along with steel pipe to put the posts in. The fence extensions will help with the low power pads and enable us to spread the field out so we can keep the low power pads going while people rack rockets on the high power pads.

I would like to thank Andrew Lathrop for helping us find a great deal on porta potties this year, and Hal Ellis, Jon Kerfoot, Chris Jones, Brien Wood, Dave Towers, Jeff Chaplin, Glen Thomason, and Mark Piersall for volunteering to help get ready for this event.

High Frontier runs on volunteers and I need everyone to help out in any way they can and especially with range duty. If we can’t get the positions staffed, then we shut down the event. It is clear from talking to anyone that has ever attended High Frontier that they love the event. I know that everyone wants to have fun, but we need to give some to make that happen. If you haven’t signed up for range duty, please do so. We have positions available no matter your background, experience, or certification level. As an incentive, you will receive an entry into a drawing for a Wildman Punisher SS kit for each shift you work. This is an all fiberglass kit with red tubing, black fins, a 38 mm motor mount, and red nosecone with an aluminum tip.

If you haven’t registered for High Frontier, please do so. T-Shirt sales end on August 30 and registration closes on September 12. If you registered or tried to buy a t-shirt and didn’t get a confirmation e-mail, please let me know. We had some early problems with this and want to make sure we didn’t miss anyone.

Finally, if you are planning on being in a drag race, please make sure you have one of the official drag race motors or contact Wildman Oklahoma ( to get one.

That’s all for now, have a great weekend.


August 2016 Launch Recap

Sunday started out nice at 9 AM and then turned into a bear. Only 4 flights were put up and I know of only one that was recovered. The winds were out of the NE and everything headed for the trees over by the school. We shut the range down at 11 because of the wind.

The one good thing that came out of Sunday was we had a chance to stand up the Nike-ASP two stage project on a rail so we could work out the setup procedure. You can find a link to the great looking video that Jeff Chaplin shot on the Tulsa rocketry home page or at The project will be flown at Airfest in Argonia this coming Labor Day weekend.

Our next scheduled launch is High Frontier on September 24 and 25. If you haven’t registered or signed up for some range duty, please take a minute to do so. As a reminder, we will have a drawing for a fiberglass rocket kit for those who volunteer for range duty.

Don’t forget about the monthly meeting this Thursday (8/18) at 7 PM at the Hardesty regional library in Tulsa. We will be covering more High Frontier planning, talking about some educational outreach opportunities, and show and tell.

That’s all for now.

Paul Reed