Current Launch Status


Our next club launch is High Frontier 13 on September 24th and 25th in Pawhuska Oklahoma!!!  We are counting down the days until HF13.  In the interim, many club members will be travelling to Argonia Kansas for Airfest 22, Sept 2nd through the 5th.  There, Tulsa Rocketry will be flying the club project Nike Asp two stage rocket on 2 “M” motors!

Launch Procedures Our next Launch will be High Frontier 13 in Pawhuska Oklahoma on September 24th and 25th from 9am to 5pm each day.  You can go to the High Frontier page to read up on the launch, register, or buy T-Shirts.


Meeting Information: Our next club meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 15th, 2016 at 7:00 pm  will be at Hardesty Regional Library, located at 8316 E 93rd St in Tulsa. Google maps link here. We will be discussing all things rockets so make sure to bring any show and tell you would like to share with the group


August 2016 Meeting Recap

We had another full meeting last night and covered a lot. First up was a review of our calendar of events.

On Monday, August 22 we will be doing a presentations and demonstration launch for the Broken Arrow 4-H club at 7 PM. The club is located about halfway between 129th and 145th on 81st street. Look for the 4-H logo on a white building on the south side of the street. The event will include a presentation, question and answer session and then a demonstration launch in the field to the west of their club house. Stop by if you have some time or a small rocket you would like to demonstrate.

On Wednesday, August 24 we will be meeting at Hobbytown at 71st and Memorial to take down our rockets before they move. They will be closing for a week at the end of August while they move to a new location a few blocks north on Memorial. Their new location will be in the shopping area near Red Lobster on memorial.

We will have an exhibit at the Maker Faire on August 27 at Expo Square’s Central Park Hall from 10 AM to 5 PM. We will have the full Nike-ASP on display along with rockets built by our members and other rocketry related stuff. If you have a rocket that you want to show off, please stop by and join us. We need to staff this for the whole event, so stop by and help us out.

Airfest is September 2 through 5 at Argonia, KS. We will be launching our Nike-ASP project on the first opportunity that the weather permits. If you are planning on coming up, please let me know and we’ll try to save you a spot with our group.

September 10 is the big High Frontier work session at Hal Ellis’s house. Please put this on your calendar as we need everyone’s help to get ready. If you’ve never been to his house, let me know and I’ll get you directions.

Finally, High Frontier is September 24 and 25 and we continued our planning for the event.

Hal Ellis and myself visited the Chamber of Commerce in Pawhuska and met with the city manager out at the airport. Please take a minute and look at You will find a spot on their new website highlighting our event and it is a really slick site as well. We are working on filling out the information, but this was a real surprise for us. They are helping us promote the event and get the word out as well.

We also went to the airport, located all of the fence post holes and marked out extensions for the main fence line and the fence for the low power pads. The city will get us holes dug along with steel pipe to put the posts in. The fence extensions will help with the low power pads and enable us to spread the field out so we can keep the low power pads going while people rack rockets on the high power pads.

I would like to thank Andrew Lathrop for helping us find a great deal on porta potties this year, and Hal Ellis, Jon Kerfoot, Chris Jones, Brien Wood, Dave Towers, Jeff Chaplin, Glen Thomason, and Mark Piersall for volunteering to help get ready for this event.

High Frontier runs on volunteers and I need everyone to help out in any way they can and especially with range duty. If we can’t get the positions staffed, then we shut down the event. It is clear from talking to anyone that has ever attended High Frontier that they love the event. I know that everyone wants to have fun, but we need to give some to make that happen. If you haven’t signed up for range duty, please do so. We have positions available no matter your background, experience, or certification level. As an incentive, you will receive an entry into a drawing for a Wildman Punisher SS kit for each shift you work. This is an all fiberglass kit with red tubing, black fins, a 38 mm motor mount, and red nosecone with an aluminum tip.

If you haven’t registered for High Frontier, please do so. T-Shirt sales end on August 30 and registration closes on September 12. If you registered or tried to buy a t-shirt and didn’t get a confirmation e-mail, please let me know. We had some early problems with this and want to make sure we didn’t miss anyone.

Finally, if you are planning on being in a drag race, please make sure you have one of the official drag race motors or contact Wildman Oklahoma ( to get one.

That’s all for now, have a great weekend.


August 2016 Launch Recap

Sunday started out nice at 9 AM and then turned into a bear. Only 4 flights were put up and I know of only one that was recovered. The winds were out of the NE and everything headed for the trees over by the school. We shut the range down at 11 because of the wind.

The one good thing that came out of Sunday was we had a chance to stand up the Nike-ASP two stage project on a rail so we could work out the setup procedure. You can find a link to the great looking video that Jeff Chaplin shot on the Tulsa rocketry home page or at The project will be flown at Airfest in Argonia this coming Labor Day weekend.

Our next scheduled launch is High Frontier on September 24 and 25. If you haven’t registered or signed up for some range duty, please take a minute to do so. As a reminder, we will have a drawing for a fiberglass rocket kit for those who volunteer for range duty.

Don’t forget about the monthly meeting this Thursday (8/18) at 7 PM at the Hardesty regional library in Tulsa. We will be covering more High Frontier planning, talking about some educational outreach opportunities, and show and tell.

That’s all for now.

Paul Reed

July Meeting Recap

Good Morning,

We had another great meeting last night. I’m proud to announce that we are at $366 of our $400 goal for paying for the fee to get our letter of determination from the IRS. We will now start working on getting it submitted. Thank you to everyone who contributed towards this. This will open up a lot of opportunities for Tulsa Rocketry.

We spent a good part of the meeting discussing High Frontier. The HF13 page is up on the website and online registration should be working next week. Signup for range duty is currently open with the link being towards the end of the page. We will be moving the signup for range duty up towards the top to make it easier to find. We also discussed requirements for positions and will be posting those on the signup page. One position that is on the signup and will be going away is Away Cell Pad Manager. It was decided to let either the High Power Pad Manager handle this or we will get a L2 or higher person not working a shift to help since we don’t have very many flights from the away cell.

I would like to make a request that every Tulsa Rocketry member sign up for at least one shift on each day you plan on being there. Tulsa Rocketry is the host and our members should be the ones that make the event happen for our guests. If everyone contributes, then we can all have fun.

We also discussed some upcoming events. On August 27, we will be participating in the Maker Faire at Tulsa Fairgrounds from 10 AM to 5 PM. This is a chance to show people what we do and some of the work that goes into building rockets. The event is well attended by people that have similar interest to ours. Please plan on coming out and helping and let me know if you have examples of your work you would like to show.

Hobby Town USA will be moving in early September and we will need to remove our rockets from the current location before they do. Hal Ellis will work with them on the exact date and we’ll let you know when that will be.

We also discussed the status of projects. The Nike-ASP will be ready for Airfest and we will be work on an assembly procedure at the pad during our August launch. We also discussed the fact that once we weighed the whole rocket we were at 93 pounds and the M2400 was not enough. We are changing the Nike motor to an M4770 VMax which will get it off the pad quickly. We also discussed that the rebuild of the RocketScience rocket is coming along and we will be ready for the launch in October. Brien Woods has completed the new low power leads and has helped get the micro controller soldered on the new remote boards which will be ready by High Frontier.

That’s all for now. Have a great day.


July Launch Recap

Good Afternoon,

Sunday turned out to be a wonderful day for flying after the very low cloud layer burned off. We had a good turnout and put up a total of 27 flights with 13 of those on high power motors. The break down of motors is 1 A, 2 B, 1 C, 3 B (in cluster), 1 C, 2 D, 4 E, 1 F, 6 G, 3 H, 3 I, 4 J, and 1 K.

Highlights from the day include:

Dwayne Shmel flying a scratch built rocket called FLASH!!!! on an H669
Mark Piersall with a Wildman Darkstar on a J570
Randy Luman with his Duracell Warloc on a J350
Dan Littman flying a Loc Magnum on a K550.
Stewart Ohler with a scratch build rocket called Grey Fred on a H123
Chris Jones with a rocket called Valkyrie on a J293
Brian Wood with his PML Purple Puppy on a H110
Randy Luman with his SteamBertha on a cluster of 3 B6-4’s.

Thanks to everyone who came out and especially those who helped setup and take down the field.

We also had a build session on Saturday and made a lot of progress on both the Nike-ASP project and the RocketScience build. Thanks to everyone that stopped by to help out with those projects.

As a reminder, Thursday July 21 is our next meeting at 7 PM at the Hardesty regional library in Tulsa and if you have not contributed to our IRS letter of determination fund, please contribute what you can.

Thanks and have a great day.


June Meeting Recap

I’d like to start off by thanking those people who have already contributed to our IRS letter of determination fund. We are 25% of our way to our $400 goal for this project. The letter of determination will help Tulsa Rocketry in a variety of ways beyond allowing us to issue receipts for donations. Many organizations require a letter of determination before they will help out a non profit and it opens up a wide variety of services to help us with our mission. Anything you can contribute towards this will help.

We started off the meeting with a discussion on restrictions on Cesaroni VMax motors. Tripoli and NAR have both restricted flights using these motors to only rockets that have electronic ejection. The problem seems to be around the delay grain getting snuffed out due to the high burn rate. We also discussed reduced availability of some sizes and propellant types of Cesaroni motors due to their fire earlier this year. Contact me if you would like more information.

We went on to discuss updating the website and the renewal of our domains and hosting. The board approved the renewals and the outreach committee is working on updating our website.

At the last launch we ran out of flight cards. Mark Piersall has taken on getting more printed. Thanks Mark. I would like to thank everyone that preprinted cards before coming to the launch. That really helped.

We also revisited ordering motors for RocketScience and the Nike-Asp project and the board approved the ordering of motors for both projects.

Updates were presented on work on building a spare remote for the launch system, long power leads for the low power pads, the RocketScience rocket rebuild, and progress on the Nike-Asp project and the test flight of the ASP at the last launch. All of these projects are moving along and should be ready on time.

Next we started our planning for High Frontier 13 which is just 14 weeks away. We reviewed the list of task that need to be accomplished to make High Frontier happen and solicited volunteers for those tasks. We have some related projects that are in the works like the spare remote and longer leads and some new projects like repairs that need to be made at the September work session, working with the City of Pawhuska and the Chamber of Commerce on arranging the event, getting our website updated and online registration going, sourcing the items needed to make HF go like porta potties, trophies, t shirts, etc, and a number of smaller items.

Mark Piersal had previously committed to a rocket scientist kit that included and Estes starter kit along with building supplies and tote to carry it in as one of our grand prizes. The scouts had a starter kit that they donated from the event that we participated in at Claremore and Mark has generously committed to completing out a second rocket scientist kit for the other grand prize for the kids. Wildman Rocketry Oklahoma will be donating a kit for a drawing for everyone that volunteers at High Frontier.

We closed out the meeting with Randy Luhman showing a great looking Steampunk rocket and Mark Piersall showing the Jolly Logic Chute Release he bought. This device is really cool and can enable a single deploy rocket to fly higher without all of work that goes with dual deploy.

Thank you to everyone that helps make Tulsa Rocketry go. If you would like to help and be involved, just let me know.

Paul Reed

June 2016 Launch Recap

When I arrived at the field Sunday morning, I was having my doubts about the launch. We had low clouds, it looked like rain, and the irrigation sprinkler was going. It turned out to be a really great day for flying rockets and it wasn’t the weather that shut us down, but the irrigation sprinkler finally making its way around to where we were launching. The low clouds went on by which left us with a several thousand foot ceiling and although the winds kicked up a little, they remained light.

A total of 31 flights were put up with 11 of those being high power. The impulse breakdown was:

A – 5
B – 3
C – 2
D – 2
E – 1
F – 4
G – 3
H – 1
I – 7
J – 2
K – 1

Notable flights included:

Dwayne Shmel with a LOC Bruiser on a K535
Hal Ellis flying a scratch build Fat Boy on a I211
Bill Koropsak flying a scratch 54 Hornet on a I161
Lee and Grace Hester with a Mad Cow rocket called Grace’s Fred on a I154
Mark Piersal and his Utility Rocket on an I245G

We flew the ASP part of the two stage Nike-ASP project on a J800. The flight proved all of the electronics and the rocket and showed that we have some things to tweak before we go to Argonia.

We also saw more of the Jolly Logic Chute release devices that continue to look like a good way of doing dual deploy in a single deploy rocket and a 3D printed self releasing rail guide on one of Bill Koropsak’s minimum diameter rockets. Cool stuff.

Thanks to everyone that came out to the launch and especially to those who helped setup and take down the field.

Just a reminder that our monthly meeting will be this Thursday, June 16 at 7 PM at the Tulsa Hardesty regional library. Hope to see you there.


May 2016 Meeting Recap

Good afternoon,

We had a well attended meeting last night. We discussed motors for RocketScience and the Nike-ASP project, moving forward with our letter of determination from the IRS, updates on our ongoing projects, and had a great presentation on the history of the Nike rocket program.

Tulsa Rocketry will need to buy 3 large motors this year and the board discussed options for purchasing and getting the best price. Some additional information was requested and the final decision moved to the June meeting.

We also discussed moving forward with getting our letter of determination from the IRS. The letter of determination is what gives us formal 501(c)(3) non profit status and enables us to write tax receipts for donations. It also helps us with discounts on postage and free or reduced price products and services. Overall this is very much in our interest to do, with the biggest obstacle being the $400 that the IRS wants as a filing fee.

The board of directors would like your help in raising donations towards the filing fee. If you would like to donate, go to and select the general donation button or contact me to arrange the donation. Any amount that you can contribute would be appreciated and we should be able to write you a receipt upon getting our letter.

We also updated everyone on our ongoing projects. With the Prefecture Improvement funds we have purchased new wire and connectors to make longer leads for the low power pads and to make a backup remote for the wireless launch system. At our monthly work sessions we have fabricated a new section of airframe for the RocketScience rocket, built the internals for a new avionics bay, and slotted the airframe for the ASP so the completed fin canister can be glued in place.

Hal Ellis did a brief presentation on the history and development of the Nike rocket and why the booster is featured in so many rockets. It was a great presentation and answered a number of questions about the program and why that era saw such a explosion of the number of rockets we still model today.

One last note. Gmail has been rejecting my updates so I’m going to have to look for an alternate way to send these out. Stay tuned.

That’s all for today.

May 2016 Launch Recap

Good afternoon,

What a great day Sunday turned out to be! The clouds stayed well above our waiver for most of the day, the winds were light, and the temperature was just right. We put up 58 flights for the day with 7 A, 12 B, 11 C, 5 D, 2 E, 5 F, 5 G, 5 H, 4 I, and 2 J motors used.

Charles Rhine from Springdale, AR got his level 1 certification flying a Madcow Super DX3 rocket on an H242. Let’s all welcome Charles to High Power!

Other highlights from the day are:

Randy Luhmen flying a scratch build Viper-4 in a I218
Hal Ellis and his scratch built Eagle on a J357
Nathan Reed with his Escape Velocity on a H295
Les Tolbert and David Bar both flying Aerotech Mustangs
Mike Eavey flying Experienced on an H128
Brian Wood with his Purple Crayon on an I566
Dwayne Shmel and his scratch built Lets Get Kraken on an I211
Paul Reed flying a Dark Star on a J760

It was also good to see both Les Tolbert and Jim Danforth on Sunday. Both are original Tulsa Rocketry members.

The monthly meeting is this Thursday at 7 PM at the Hardesty Regional Library in Tulsa. Hope to see you at the meeting.

Have a good day.

Paul Reed