Current Launch Status


February 21st Launch is GO

Launch Procedures Next Launch will be February 21st from 12:00 noon to 4 PM in Leonard. Setup will be at 11:30am and if you can lend a hand join us early..  You can prepare your flight cards ahead of time by getting the flight card form.

Meeting Information: Our next club meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 18th 2016 at 7:00pm  will be at Hardesty Regional Library, located at 8316 E 93rd St in Tulsa. Google maps link here. We will be discussing all things rockets so make sure to bring any show and tell you would like to share with the group


January 2016 Meeting Update

Good Morning,

We had a great meeting last night to start off the new year.

The first order of business was election of officers. Officers for 2016 are:

Prefect – Paul Reed
Secretary/Treasurer – Chris Jones
FAA Liaison – Glen Thomason
Web Master – Jeff Chaplin

I’d like to thank Hal Ellis and Mark Piersall for their many years of service to the club in their roles as prefect and secretary/treasurer.

Next up was setting the launch schedule for 2016 which is as follows:

2/21 – Noon to 4 PM
3/13 – 1 to 5 PM
4/10 – 1 to 5 PM
5/15 – 1 to 5 PM
6/12 – 9 AM to 1 PM
7/10 – 9 AM to 1 PM
8/14 – 9 AM to 1 PM
9/24-25 – High Frontier at Pawhuska
10/9 – Rocket Science 1 to 5 PM
11/13 – Noon to 4 PM

The launch controllers have been fixed over the winter break and are ready for the upcoming season. New clips have been added to all of the high power leads. In the process of going through the launch equipment, it was discovered that most of the bubbles on the bubble pack the controllers were stored in were gone. It was decided to build a wood structure inside the storage box with padding to properly store the equipment. This project will be tackled at our regular work sessions.

One of the projects from the High Frontier post action review was to get 60 ft leads built for the low power pads and we be moving ahead with that for pads 1 – 6. Another set will need to be built for pads 7 – 12 before High Frontier. Thanks Brien Wood for taking this on.

At the last work session, it was discovered that the tubing we have to build a new dual deploy AV-bay module for the Rocket Science rocket is 10” OD and the existing airframe is 10” ID. After going through our options, it was decided to expand a section of the smaller tube to make it fit the existing airframe and nosecone. The expanded tube will be covered in fiberglass which will hide the expansion and make it strong.

The Nike-ASP project has progressed to the point where the Nike needs to be retrieved from Hobbytown. The two dates proposed are 1/17 or 2/3 at around 7 PM. Hal is checking with Hobbytown to see which works better for them. This is a big rocket and we will need as many hands as we can get to retrieve it.

As a reminder, its time to renew your membership. The fee is $15 and can be done through the website.

The next scheduled work session is 2/13 at Hal Ellis’s house from 2 to 5 PM. There is plenty to do, so stop by if you can.

Wildman Rocketry Oklahoma will be placing a motor order to replenish their stock on 1/25. If you have something you would like them to order or would like to be on their mailing list, e-mail them at

That’s all for now. Have a great weekend.

Paul Reed

Thrustcurve Movie Update

It’s been a long while since I’ve updated everyone.  Here’s the current status: 

The editing for Thrustcurve is well under way and I have set a target date for Premiere to be Saturday, February 20th.  I will make the final announcement on the Project on this website and on Tulsa Rocketry’s website.  The movie will premiere on Youtube with a possible local viewing in Tulsa.  Stay tuned for details!

Thanks very much for all the folks who partnered with me on this venture.  I have many gigs of video to edit still, but it’s coming along nicely.  Thanks for everyone’s patience !



Club Project Update

Good Morning:

We had an excellent work session on Saturday afternoon and made
significant progress on both the Nike-ASP and RS projects. We completed
the bayonette insert portion of the Nike-ASP interstage, so the only
thing remaining on that sub-project is more fiberglass on the transition
section. Next time we’ll start on the ASP motor mount and fin assembly.

On the RS project, we cut the existing components apart, to make them
ready for “re-purposing” into the new configuration. We’ll start on
that work next month as well. I’ll get some pictures of our progress to
Jeff for the web site ASAP.

On Saturday we were speculating about how much the RS payload module
weighs, so on Sunday I got out my digital scale and weighed it.

The payload insert module containing the 16 empty canisters = 8.3 lbs.
I also weighed some eggs. A dozen eggs weighs 1.72 lbs. However, with
a full load of 16 eggs on board, the egg weight = 1.72 * 1.333 = 2.29
lbs. So, for the canisters and the eggs, that gives us 8.3 + 2.29 =
10.59 lbs.

However, that doesn’t count the additional “cushioning” for the eggs in
each of the canisters, so full up, ready to fly, let’s just round this
off at 11 pounds. So the existing rocket flew with 11 pounds of “nose
weight”. No wonder it weathercocked!

The section we removed from the booster was 25″ long, so our
modifications will move that 11 pounds about 2-feet closer to the CG.

Can’t wait to see the new rocket fly!

Thanks to everyone who came out and helped, we’ll move both projects
forward again in January.


December Club Update

Good Morning:

As a reminder, we will NOT have a meeting tomorrow evening.
Traditionally, we take a break from meetings (and launches) in December,
in order to allow extra family-time during this busy Holiday season.

However, we will have a Club Work Session this coming Saturday afternoon
(12/12), at my place (3720 E. 82nd Court in Tulsa), from 2-5 PM. We’ll
continue our work on the Nike-ASP project and hopefully begin work on
the modifications we’re making to the RocketScience rocket. If you have
a couple of hours to spare on Saturday afternoon, stop by and lend a

Secondly, I received an email from Marty Beck of the Piedmont Rocketry
Club, inviting us to a “rocketry swap meet” their Club is hosting on
January 16th. See Marty’s email below for details.

That’s it for now, have a great day, and I’ll hope to see everyone on


Hi Hal

We want to extend an invitation for Tulsa Rocketry club members to
participate in a rocketry swap meet we’re holding on January 16th at the
Fina Community Center, 314 Edmond Road NW, Piedmont, Oklahoma, 73078,
from 9am – 1pm. The Fina Center is actually half of the building the
local fire department operates out of. You enter the building from the
rear parking area.

This is an opportunity for rocketeers to part with all that excess
rocketry “stuff” we all have. And maybe go home with that special kit
or part to complete a project.



Marty Beck

November 2015 Meeting Recap

Good Morning Folks:

We had a good meeting last night to wrap up the year and I have a few
updates for you this morning:

1. Rocket Science Rocket – After witnessing the RS rocket’s
weathercocked flight and hard landing at Leonard last month, we have
decided that the current configuration of that rocket is not
sustainable. So we’re beginning a project to reconfigure the rocket by
moving the payload modules aft and the electronics and parachutes
forward. This will result in a rocket that is 1-caliber stable, and
much easier to prep and fly. In order to make next year’s October
flight deadline, we are beginning this project immediately.

2. Work Session Schedule – Since we now have *two* Club projects to work
on, both of which have 2016 deadlines, we decided to establish a monthly
Work Session schedule. For the time being, the monthly work session
will be the 2nd Saturday of each month. We’ll meet at my place on the
2nd Saturday afternoon, from 1:00 – 5:00 PM, and work on both the
Nike-ASP and RS projects. This schedule may be adjusted over time,
depending on our progress. The first session will be held on December
12. Everyone is invited to stop by and help out.

3. Leadership Changes for 2016 – For 2016, Mark Piersall is stepping
down as Secretary/Treasurer and I will be stepping down as Prefect.
Chris Jones has volunteered to take over the Sec/Treasurer duties and
Paul Reed has volunteered to step up as your new Prefect. The four of
us are currently working together to assure a smooth transition.

4. Kloudbuster Max – Finally, those who attended AirFest in September
will recall seeing the giant “Kloudbuster Max” rocket sitting near the
registration table (see attached photo). That rocket was not ready to
fly at AirFest but finally did fly last weekend. Check out the link

That’s it for now, have a great weekend.


November 2015 Launch Recap

Good Morning: We had a great time yesterday afternoon, to finish out the local flying season. The weather was as close to perfect as I’ve seen in a long time, with crystal-clear blue skies and no wind. The winds aloft were very light, running East to West, so most flights arced east and then landed back on the field. In all, we put up 21 flights, 9 of which were High Power.

Here are a few highlights:

Chris Jones of Tulsa, LOC EZSI-65 “Valkyrie” on a CTI I255 Red

Bill Koropsak of Monkey Island, Giant Leap “Escape Velocity” on a Loki H90

Dan Littmann of Broken Arrow, THOY “Falcon” on an AT J275

Mark Piersall of Tulsa, HyperLOC 835 “Bullwinkle” on an AT J540R

Paul Reed of Jenks, Wildman “Darkstar” on a CTI I364

Hal Ellis of Tulsa, scratch “ASP” on an AT I357T

Brien Wood of Owasso, scratch “Xenon” on a CTI H295

Additionally, the long-awaited Big Daddy fly-off, made necessary by a dead-heat in the Big Daddy drag-race at HF12, finally flew and Glen Thomason took home the Big Daddy trophy for 2015. Congratulations Glen!

As mentioned in my earlier message, this was the last Leonard launch of 2015. We’ll take a break from flying in December and resume in January, weather permitting of course.

That’s it for now, have a great week. Hal

October 2015 Launch Recap

Good Morning:


We had a good launch and another successful RocketScience flight Sunday afternoon.  The RS payload this year was fully populated with 16 payload canisters, representing 3 schools and multiple physics classes and students.  I think most of them were on hand to witness the flight, as we had a huge crowd in attendance.


The rocket lifted off a few minutes after 3:00 PM on M2400 power and cruised up to 3944/ 3924 ft., depending on which altimeter you believe.  This is about 500 feet lower than normal, due the fact that it weather-cocked northeast soon after liftoff and it was also a bit heavier than last year due to its new paint job.  Thanks to Jeff Chaplin and his son Mason, who  completely refinished and repainted the rocket this summer, it looked brand new.


All the experiments were recovered safely and the teachers told me most experiments were “intact”.  By the way, this was the 10th annual RocketScience launch.  It has taken a while for the project to reach its full potential, but we’ve got a “hit” on our hands now.  All the participants were thrilled and are already looking forward to next year.


We also had a few other flights, as follows:


OSU “Dark Flight” on an AT H182

Team Front Row (OSU) “Ham Burglar” on an AT H182

Jamey Jacob (OSU) “Hercules” on an AT H135

Paul Reed “HV Arcas” on a CTI K630

Nathan Reed “Blue Max” on a CTI H235

Dave Towers “Minni Magg” in an AT I161


We were glad to see Dr. Jamey Jacob and his OSU engineering students on the field as well.  Overall, a great afternoon to be out flying rockets.  If you missed this launch, the next one is coming up on November 8, only two weekends from now.


That’s it for now, have a great week.



October 2015 Meeting Update

Good Morning:

We had a good meeting last night and completed the HF12 Post-Action review. Many good suggestions were discussed. An annotated version of the review is attached. We’ll work on the various action items over the next few months.

I also want to remind everyone that the Club will host a static rocket display at the Arrowhead Elementary (Broken Arrow) STEM night on 10/23, a week from tonight. Please bring a few rockets (large or small) and join us from 5:00 – 7:00 PM if you can. That’s it for now, have a good weekend.


HF 12 Launch Recap

Good Morning Folks:

Another great Pawhuska launch is in the rear-view mirror now and this
one may have been the best ever. The conditions were near-perfect the
entire weekend, with clear skies, little to no wind and temps in the
mid-80s. There really aren’t enough superlatives to describe it. If you
were there, you know what I mean.

Hosting a launch on the scale of High Frontier requires a lot of effort
in both planning and execution and we rose to that challenge again.
Thanks to everyone who pitched in and contributed to the success of this
launch. This was truly a Team Effort and I certainly appreciate
everyone’s contributions.

Overall, we burned 349 motors for a total of 341 flights over the 3-day
period, including the Friday Matinee and the Night Launch. Here’s a
breakdown by motor class:

A = 44
B = 89
C = 97
D = 22
E = 28
F = 12
G = 17
H = 20
I = 32
J = 20
K = 7
L = 3
M = 2

Total = 349

The Drag Race Winners were as follows:

AT Warloc = Mark Piersall
CTI Warloc = Paul Reed
AT Minnie Magg = Bill Koropsak
CTI Minnie Magg = Torre Bookout

Congratulations to all. The Big Daddy Drag Race was a dead heat and
will be decided by a flyoff at the October launch.

Here are the winners for the Closest to the Buffalo contest:


1st = Gabe Stout, Skiatook
2nd = Wesley Bender, Garland, TX
3rd = Hudson Biffinger, Pawhuska


1st = Evie Adams, Yukon
2nd = Wesley Bender, Garland, TX

While this was a very successful event, there is always room for
improvement. If you have comments or suggestions on how we could make
next year’s event even better, please email those ideas to me. I will
compile all the comments into a single list which we will review at the
October meeting.

We will have pictures and videos on the web site soon. If you have
pictures to share, please email those to me and we’ll get them posted.

Again, thanks to everyone who made HF12 happen. High Frontier has
evolved onto a full-blown regional launch, as well as a community event
for the City of Pawhuska, and it’s something we can all be proud of.

That’s it for now, enjoy this nice Fall weather, and have a great week.