Current Launch Status



Good Morning: As I’ve been watching the weather forecasts all week, the predicted wind speeds have been steadily increasing, which is not a good trend. Most sites are now showing winds S or SW at 10-20 Sunday afternoon. Weather Underground shows winds sustained at 14 mph Sunday afternoon, with gusts to 24 mph. That’s too windy for our purposes, so we are postponing the October launch for two weeks until Sunday, 10/25.


Launch Procedures Our next launch is The Rocket Science Launch on Sunday October 25th in Leonard.  The range will open at 1 pm and setup will begin at 12:30pm.  Come lend a hand if you can setting up the field.

You can prepare your flight cards ahead of time by getting the flight card form.

Meeting Information: Our next club meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 15th, 2015 at 7:00pm  will be at Hardesty Regional Library, located at 8316 E 93rd St in Tulsa. Google maps link here. We will be discussing all things rockets so make sure to bring any show and tell you would like to share with the group


HF 12 Launch Recap

Good Morning Folks:

Another great Pawhuska launch is in the rear-view mirror now and this
one may have been the best ever. The conditions were near-perfect the
entire weekend, with clear skies, little to no wind and temps in the
mid-80s. There really aren’t enough superlatives to describe it. If you
were there, you know what I mean.

Hosting a launch on the scale of High Frontier requires a lot of effort
in both planning and execution and we rose to that challenge again.
Thanks to everyone who pitched in and contributed to the success of this
launch. This was truly a Team Effort and I certainly appreciate
everyone’s contributions.

Overall, we burned 349 motors for a total of 341 flights over the 3-day
period, including the Friday Matinee and the Night Launch. Here’s a
breakdown by motor class:

A = 44
B = 89
C = 97
D = 22
E = 28
F = 12
G = 17
H = 20
I = 32
J = 20
K = 7
L = 3
M = 2

Total = 349

The Drag Race Winners were as follows:

AT Warloc = Mark Piersall
CTI Warloc = Paul Reed
AT Minnie Magg = Bill Koropsak
CTI Minnie Magg = Torre Bookout

Congratulations to all. The Big Daddy Drag Race was a dead heat and
will be decided by a flyoff at the October launch.

Here are the winners for the Closest to the Buffalo contest:


1st = Gabe Stout, Skiatook
2nd = Wesley Bender, Garland, TX
3rd = Hudson Biffinger, Pawhuska


1st = Evie Adams, Yukon
2nd = Wesley Bender, Garland, TX

While this was a very successful event, there is always room for
improvement. If you have comments or suggestions on how we could make
next year’s event even better, please email those ideas to me. I will
compile all the comments into a single list which we will review at the
October meeting.

We will have pictures and videos on the web site soon. If you have
pictures to share, please email those to me and we’ll get them posted.

Again, thanks to everyone who made HF12 happen. High Frontier has
evolved onto a full-blown regional launch, as well as a community event
for the City of Pawhuska, and it’s something we can all be proud of.

That’s it for now, enjoy this nice Fall weather, and have a great week.


September 2015 Meeting Update

Good Morning Folks: We had a good meeting last night and finalized our plans for High Frontier 12 next weekend in Pawhuska. Here are a few updates:

1. Registration – On-line registration worked very well, especially for our first attempt. 28 HPR flyers from OK, KS, AR and TX have pre-registered.

2. Range Duty – We’re looking fairly good on Range Duty assignments, but we still need some Pad Managers and more help at Registration. If you haven’t already signed up for at least one 2-hour shift, please do so ASAP. On-line Range Duty sign-up is still available.

3. Grand Prizes – Hobby Town USA is donating 36 Ready-to-Fly kits for the raffle give-aways (Thank you!), but we still need kits (or built rockets) for Grand Prizes. If you have an Estes kit in your closet you’re not planning to build, please consider donating that kit for the Grand Prize drawings.

4. Range Set-Up – We will meet for lunch at 12:00 Noon next Friday (9/25) at Bad Brad’s Bar-B-Que in Pawhuska, and then adjourn to the airport to begin setting up the HF12 range by about 1:00 PM. This will be followed by our 2nd annual “Friday afternoon Matinee” launch, as soon as the range is set up. Everyone is invited to come out and participate.

5. Trailer Work Session – We will hold a Trailer work session at my house (3720 E. 82nd Court) this coming Sunday afternoon (9/20), beginning at 2:00 PM. We’ll be cleaning and repairing all the launch equipment in preparation for HF12. Everyone is invited. Please bring cleaning supplies, paper towels, soldering equipment, WD-40, etc.

6. T-Shirts – If you missed the meeting last night, you can pick up your t-shirt at Launch Registration on the field at Pawhuska.

7. New Buy/Sell/Trade Page – We decided to implement a new page on the web site for members seeking to Buy / Sell / Trade rocket-related items. Jeff Chaplin will be working on this project, so watch for more details coming soon. In the meantime, Andrew Lathrop has two kits for sale, an unbuilt Rocketry Warehouse V2 and a built Wildman Competitor 3. If you are interested in either of these kits, contact Andrew at

That’s it for now, I’ll see you Sunday at my place.


August 2015 Meeting Update

Good Morning: We had a good meeting last night and continued developing our plans for HF12. I have several updates for you:

1. Range Duty – We need more help running the Range. So far, we have the LCO position covered and RSO is partially covered, but we currently have many open slots. For L2/L3 flyers in particular, we need you to help us at RSO and Away Cell PM. L1 flyers can help as HPR PMs or assist at any pother positions. Range Duty sign-up is available from the HF12 page on the web site.

2. T-shirts – We will be placing the t-shirt order on 9/1. If you haven’t already ordered your HF12 shirts, please do so ASAP. Note that t-shirts are available as an option when you register or separately without registering. Both links are available on the HF12 page.

3. Grand Prize Rockets – Each year we give away at least one “Grand Prize” rocket to the kids at the end of each day. We need Grand Prize donations. This can be a rocket already built or an un-built kit. Please take a look at your stash of kits and let me know if you want to donate one or more.

4. Team Effort – Hosting an event like High Frontier is a cooperative effort for the entire Club. Many people are currently involved in the planning and execution, but we always need more help. I have attached an annotated copy of the meeting agenda to this message, so you can see the topics that were discussed last night and the people who have taken various action items. If you can assist with any of the items listed, please let me know.

That’s it for now, enjoy this early Fall weather. Hal

August 2015 Launch Recap

Good Morning: We had a great time Sunday morning. The conditions were very similar to July, with completely clear, blue skies and very little wind at the surface. There was wind aloft, running in the 10 mph range from the southwest, so most flights landed back on the field or just north of the parking area. And yes, it was warm, but we packed up and left by about 1:00 PM so we avoided the worst of the heat. In all, we put up 17 flights, 10 of which were High-Power and 3 more flew under G-power. Here are some highlights:

Bill Koropsak of Monkey Island with a LOC Weasel on Loki G-80

Chris Jones of Tulsa with a scratch Flamethrower on a CTI G-57 + 4 x Estes E12-0 (all 5 motors lit!)

Mark Piersall of Tulsa with a LOC IV named Birthday Candle on an AT H123 (on his birthday!)

Hal Ellis of Tulsa with a scratch Mirage on a CTI I285

Dan Littmann of Broken arrow with a scratch Expeditious on an AT K700

We also had two successful certification flights:

Jeff Chaplin of Broken Arrow with a scratch PAC 3 Patriot on a CTI I303 for Level 1

Brien Wood of Owasso with a scratch Saber on a CTI J449 for Level 2

Congratulations to Jeff and Brien on their successful flights. We were lucky this Summer. Even with all the rain in May and June, we were able to get all three summer launches in on schedule and avoid the dreaded “Burn Ban”. Let’s hope our luck continues into the Fall.

By the way, we’re setting up a “Featured Flights at AirFest” page on the web site. If you’re planning something special for AirFest, please let me know and we’ll add it to the page. That’s it for now, have a great week. Hal

July 2015 Meeting Update


Good Morning: We had a good meeting last night and made a lot of progress in our preparations for HF12. Here are a few updates:

1. We worked through the mechanics of transitioning to on-line Flyer Registration and on-line Range Duty sign-up. Range Duty signup is on-line now and Flyer Registration will be available sometime next week.

2. Flyer Registration – Pricing for adult flyers who pre-register will be $15 for the weekend. Walkup pricing for adults will be $20 for the weekend. Club Members can register for free. We will eliminate “Single-day” flyer registration beginning this year.

3. T-shirts – HF12 T-shirts will be available for purchase at pre-registration, with prices remaining the same as previous years. T-shirts will also be available for walkup registrants, using the same pricing.

4. Range Duty – On-line Range Duty signup is available now from the HF12 page. Club members fly for free at HF12, but we do need your help running the range. I am encouraging all Club members to sign-up for at least one 2-hour shift each day. Contributing 2 hours to the Club each day still leaves the remainder of the day for your personal flying, so this should not place an undue burden on anyone.

5. Motors for AirFest and HF12 – If you need motors for Airfest21 or HF12, please contact WildmanOK as soon as possible. They will be submitting their motor order by 7/31. Email your orders to .

6. RMS-EZ Problems – Aerotech recently reported problems with early ejections from 38mm RMS-EZ reloads that had been “temperature cycled”. Aerotech is now offering free replacement of the molded forward bulkhead module for these motors. If you have any of these motors, please contact WildManOK for the replacement parts.

That’s it for now, have a great weekend.


July 2015 Launch Update

Good Morning:

Man, we had a great time yesterday morning. The conditions were as
close to ideal as I’ve seen in a long time. The sky was completely
clear all morning and the winds at the surface were very light to
non-existent. The winds aloft were running about SW at about 10 mph, so
most flights were recovering in the field NE of the Range Head.

In total, we put up 19 flights, 11 of which were High-Power. Here are
some highlights:

Glen Thomason, Tulsa, Binder Design Stealth, AT J500
Chris Jones, Tulsa, Giant Leap Vertical Assault, CTI I470
Dwayne Shmel. Bentonville, AR, Madcow AGM Pike 333, CTI I364
Torre Bookout, Bella Vista, AR, PML Endeavor, Loki I-405
Stewart Ohler, Norman, scratch Big Bad Fred, AT K1275
Paul Reed, Jenks, scratch Mr. Zurkon, CTI L1720

Glen Thomason’s flight carried the prototype remote-arming electronics
payload, which worked well. We did determine that the A23 12-volt
battery powering the electronics barely had enough duration for the
entire flight, so we’ll look at using a different type of battery.

That’s it for now, have a great week.


Nike Asp Project

Go to Picasa Web Albums to see build pics: Nike Asp Build


Good Morning: We made some good progress at our Nike-ASP build session on Saturday afternoon. We completed the coupler section of the interstage adapter and we also cut out the paper cone that will provide the shape for the conical section. Our next step will be to reinforce the paper cone with several layers of fiberglass.

We also brain-stormed the design for the bayonette-carrier insert that will hold the upper stage rocket. We’re now attempting to source the materials we will need for that component.

In addition, we successfully modified the altimeter sled from Glen Thomason’s Binder Stealth to accommodate a remote-arming relay, a small radio transmitter connected to a barometer, and an additional battery. Thanks to Daniel Shaw for the remote-arming components and research and to Glen for allowing us to “McGuiver” his altimeter sled.

We are hoping to get a flight test of the modified payload at the July launch, to qualify the remote-arming components under actual flight conditions. We have a few pictures and we’ll try to get those posted on the web site soon.

That’s it for now, have a great week.